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Colegio Gran Bretaña is founded upon the values of a truly international school community. We work collaboratively to provide a holistic, inclusive and academically…

Why Us

CGB is a unique, internationally minded community which supports learners as they strive for excellence and independence, promoting life-long learning in an evolving world…

Support at CGB

Through inclusion, all students are better equipped to deal with differences as the norm rather than the exception.  We endeavour to identify the learning needs of each student in order for…


Applications for admission are accepted from all interested parties throughout the year. CGB is looking for well-rounded students of good character, whose families embrace the…

School should mirror the diversity that naturally exists in society. All students need to be provided rich learning experiences and the opportunities, support and recognition necessary to succeed, all within a safe and nurturing environment. Excellence and equity are not mutually exclusive. Hence, we are committed to teaching all of our students.


It is an honour to be the new Colegio Gran Bretaña personero as this has been one of my biggest school dreams. I’m going to give back to this wonderful community all it has given me during my 13 years of studying here. I am very thankful to everyone who voted for me”.


The uniform provides a unity for students, and a symbol that they…


The school contracts a bus company to run the school bus service…

Food Service

The school aims to encourage healthy eating by providing a…

Library & Digital Resources

DESTINY is CGB´s library administrator program, acquired to implement…


All circulars, Co-Curricular inscriptions, school payments…

Job Opportunities

CGB is a highly prestigious private…

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Información de las actividades más recientes de nuestro colegio

Innovation Lab Brazil 2017
  • 24. 04. 2017
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  I would like to start this off by allowing everyone to understand how grateful I am to have been

Amazon Camp! by Off Bound Adventures
  • 13. 03. 2017
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It was obvious from the very start of the trip at El Dorado that organisation was going to be outstanding.

Health Birgade
The Health Brigade at CGB
  • 06. 03. 2017
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This was my second year attending CGB’s annual Health Brigade. After having experienced what it was like to stay within