An elected Student Council, one for Secondary and another for Primary, to encourage social responsibility exist, and it is composed of students from Year 3 to Year 13, providing widespread participation by the entire student body. The Student Council is a forum for student ideas, offers practice in self-government and allows students, in keeping with the level of maturity, to participate in group decision-making and community service. Fund raising, bake sales, jeans days, supporting charity activities, are activities generated by this group.


CGB has a Prefect system in KS2 and in the Secondary School. The emphasis of a Prefect’s role is service, not privilege. This is a highly distinguished recognition and position of pride and responsibility.Prefects are selected by the school staff based on students demonstrating the following attributes: A positive attitude Effort in everything they do Commitment and dedication to academics and sporting/cultural activities Respect towards ALL members of the school community The qualities of  leader An exemplary role model for other students.

  • To cooperate with the school to ensure all students are wearing the school uniform correctly
  • To be an ambassador for CGB by representing the school at public events, showing visitors around the school and other special occasions
  • To carry out cafeteria and bus duties, as well as a invigilations assigned by the Prefects’ Coordinator
  • To set a good example for all students at CGB by following the school’s code of conduct.

The ethos of the school promotes commitment to excellence in academic endeavours, sports and sportsmanship & cultural activities.

The CGB Colours and Honours system promotes and recognises excellence and achievement from our students. This recognition is not a “one off” acknowledgement but rather an award that has been earned by the candidate that will be permanently bestowed on them. This special award takes three forms (half-colours, full colours and honours), which once earned, is retained by the student for the remainder of their time at CGB. These awards are applicable in Key Stage Two and Secondary only.

For all three awards, the nature of the acknowledgement will be identified by pins to be worn on the school blazer (secondary) and on the school jersey (primary). The pin will have lettering showing the level of award and in which facet it was given, e.g. academics, rugby, chess, music, ballet, drama, football etc.