CGB supports the performing arts. A growing body of evidence shows that participation in the arts is strongly linked to improved academic performance, cognition and social development. Studies in brain-based learning tell us “the brain learns best in rich, complex and multisensory environments”. At CGB, students have the opportunity to choose amongst music, dance or drama; all participate in some form of performing arts.

Some of the positive results attributed to instruction in music, dance and drama are astonishing: improved cognitive, motor and language development; stronger problem-solving and critical thinking skills; better physical condition; contributions to basic mental abilities; multicultural understanding; communication and spatial-temporal reasoning. The performing arts command respect as an important part of the academic curriculum. Throughout the year, student productions are showcased for the community in Christmas and spring concerts, assemblies, theatrical productions, music and dance tours to England (every third year), and participation in the Latin American Heads Orchestra.

For KS2 we offer

In Secondary, the options this year will be

1. Beat box 1. Bass
2. Capoeira games 2. Beat box
3. Cello 3. Brazilian percussion
4. Dance 4. Capoeira
5. Drama 5. Cello
6. Folk percussion 6. Clarinet
7. Guitar (Y5 and Y6) 7. Dance
8. Keyboard 8. Drama
9. Stomp 9. Electronic music
10. Ukelele (Y3 and Y4) 10. Folk percussion
11. Violin 11. Guitar
12. Keyboard
13. Saxophone
14. Trumpet
15. Traverse flute
16. Violin
For both Primary and Secondary we present two main concerts a year, the Holiday and the Summer concert. We give every student the opportunity to perform in the Holiday concert but in the Summer concert we select the students who have made a consistent effort during the year.