The partnership between home and school is absolutely vital. Colegio Gran Bretaña operates an “open door” policy and aims to work closely with parents while their child is at our school. Regular communication with parents is an important feature of school life. Parents are always welcome to come into school. However, parents must not enter the classroom while lessons are in progress, except by invitation of the teacher. Formal parent-teacher consultations are held during the school year, according to the school calendar. Additionally, parents can ask at any time for an appointment with their child’s teachers or the Director by directly contacting the person, by making an appointment through the office or through Phidias, the school’s communication system.

The school is very happy for parent volunteers to help with such things as helping with reading; assisting in the school library; helping with class assemblies, shows, exhibitions and special celebration days. There are many other possibilities for getting involved such as making part of the different school committees such as Food, Values, Charity, Sustainability, Prevention and Emergency.

The Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook contains important information such as school policies and procedures, CGB philosophy, mission and vision, aims and values. By selecting CGB as the school for your children, parents are buying into the school’s ethos and philosophy and we, therefore, ask that you support school policies and decisions. This includes the school’s dress and discipline codes. It is important that children see the school and parents working together for their benefit.

Parent Handbook in English click here

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The Parent Teacher Association

The association was created to enhance the children’s quality of life at school. The PTA assists with fundraising, celebrates special holidays, cooperates with educational projects and oversees their implementation. The PTA also acts as a bridge between the parents and the school administration.

The Board of the Parents’ Association consists of 7 parents (elected annually), and 1 or 2 teacher(s). The parents hold the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Deputy Member, and 2 parents as Colombian Parent Representative and Foreign Parent Representative.

Each classroom has one or several parents who act as Room Representative(s) of the class before the PTA, and is(are) responsible to bridge communication between the families of that class, the teacher and the PTA. The PTA meets monthly to plan events, discuss problems and suggest solutions.

The PTA is financed by voluntary annual family contributions, plus funds raised during sales or activities at the school. The money collected from each school family is absolutely necessary for the PTA to accomplish its mission. Families are strongly encouraged to contribute, as everything goes back to the children. The PTA also sells used uniforms in good condition and new caps. The funds collected are used to cover the costs of some school celebrations, such as Halloween and Teachers’ Day and for improvements to the school which will directly benefit the children.

The PTA meets monthly to plan events, discuss problems and suggest solutions. The meetings are NOT just for the Room Representatives; all parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend PTA meetings.

If parents have a concern academic in nature, it is not the role of the PTA or the Room Representative to intervene in the case of academic difficulties. If parents have a problem with the school, they should first approach the teacher involved. If the issue is not resolved, they should then speak to the head of section, then the head of Primary or Secondary school, and last, to the Vice Rector and Director.

Concerns regarding other aspects of school can be presented directly to the corresponding area or taken to the PTA meeting or the PTA President. The complaint should be presented in writing and substantiated as much as possible (with specific facts, dates, and any other support material or information) so that the PTA and/or the PTA President can either help to solve the problem or present it to the director.

2016-2017 PTA BOARD:

President: Carolina Couceyro- Argentina

Vice-President: Maggie Damis – Perú

Secretary: Maureen Drench – Netherlands

Secretary: Patricia Cheetham – Argentina

Treasurer: Elizabeth Ibañez – Colombia

Advisory Board Rep: Sophie Cahen

Advisory Board Rep: Carlos Loza