“International Mindedness (global consciousness) is a person’s capacity to transcend the limits of a world view informed by a single experience of nationality, creed, culture or philosophy and recognise, in the richness of diversity, a multiplicity of ways of engaging with the world.”

Adopted from Dr. Richard Harwood and Kate Bailey with their kind permission.

Colegio Gran Bretaña fosters international mindedness by:
  • Welcoming and respecting people of all nationalities, creeds and languages.
  • Developing an awareness and appreciation of language diversity.
  • Confronting global issues as a community and working for solutions at a local level.
  • Permeating education for sustainability within the life of CGB.
  • Exploring multiple perspectives of world views throughout the curriculum.
  • Embracing the cultural heritage of our host country, Colombia, and other countries whilst ensuring all students’ home cultures are preserved and respected.
  • Encouraging a sense of duty to serve our local communities and being empowered to bring about positive change.
  • Promoting open-mindedness and providing rich opportunities to learn from the experiences of other members of our community.
  • Committing to holistic education.
  • Equipping our students with a skill set that facilitates inter-cultural competence.