Innovation Lab Brazil 2017


I would like to start this off by allowing everyone to understand how grateful I am to have been been given this opportunity. From day 1 to day 6 I can honestly say I enjoyed every second.

On day 1,  Gonzalo and I were amongst the first students to arrive. We were both a bit nervous as we knew that during the week we were going to be faced with different challenges which were going to step us out of our comfort zone, starting of with staying with a host family we had never met before. However, minutes after being introduced to other student delegates I knew I was going to have friends that I was going to miss after the conference was over.

During the week we had different talks and activities with many inspiring people. This ranged from dancing classes, to talks about business, learning how to make a pencil that created sound and talks about gender sexuality. These were all incredible in different ways.

At the end of the week we had to create a project to improve the future of others. We first created our groups, and then we had to come up with an idea about anything we wanted – from scratch. The groups consisted of around 5 to 8 people all from different countries in South America. We had around 24 hours to create a project, so the first thing my group decided upon was looking to make improvements to the education system. After the 24 hours were up, we had to present our project in a science fair layout to around 170 head teachers and directors. Presenting was nerve-wracking however as the education system is something I am passionate about expressing my ideas felt really nice and I could feel my confidence increasing.




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