CGB is inclusive and proud to be one of the founding members of “Next Frontier Inclusion”. This global project works towards promoting and protecting the interests of children who learn in different ways or at different rates.

As an international school, we represent the whole range of diversities that exist in society. Through inclusion, all students are better equipped to deal with differences as the norm rather than the exception. We endeavour to identify the learning needs of each student in order for everyone to work to their potential and be successful.

The CGB Student Services offer three areas of assistance for learning:

The Educational Achievement Department provides support for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), including the exceptionally able. We accept a maximum of 15% of the student population with SEN so as to ensure an excellent level of service for all of our learners.

The Additional Language Department meets the needs of students who are developing English as a second or additional language in order for them to successfully access the CGB curriculum, in addition to providing tuition in Spanish as a Second Language. The ALD also trains all CGB staff so that they become more aware of the language needs within our classrooms. We are also the only school in Colombia to offer the prestigious ICELT course to teachers, both within and outside our school.

The Counseling and Emotional Guidance Department gives orientation and support to students in adaptation processes, social integration, personal needs, university guidance and career orientation, and leads several intervention and prevention projects throughout the year. The CEG is also responsible for managing how new students, families and staff adapt to life in Colombia and at CGB.

The Educational
Achievement Department
Language Department
Counselling and Emotional
Guidance Department