Colegio Gran Bretaña holds a few basic principles very dear, and these beliefs are at the heart of our mission statement.  In fact, these beliefs drive everything we do at school and how we do it.

We believe that education should be…

* Holistic. School is academically important to prepare students for a demanding and competitive world ahead.  But it is much more than just an academic centre. Students are more than future university students and members of a labour force.  Education should prepare the whole person to develop the infinite potential they hold inside in numerous areas and prepare them for a balanced life of engagement with community and environment.  A student’s cognitive abilities and talents are much more profound than what is often reflected in standardised test scores.

* Inclusive.  Each one of us is unique.  School should mirror the diversity that naturally exists in society.   All students need to be provided rich learning experiences and the opportunities, support and recognition necessary to succeed, all within a safe and nurturing environment.  Excellence and equity are not mutually exclusive.  Hence, we are committed to teaching all of our students.

* Personalised.  Students are not standardized, and one size does not fit all in education. There are many ways of learning and all of them are valid.  Students should know their unique learning styles and be encouraged to advocate for themselves.  Educators should be able to respond to diverse needs.

These founding principles are at the heart of a broad and balanced curriculum that offers well-known and respected international academic programmes, as well as opportunities for personal growth and enrichment.  Our beliefs and mission are underpinned and lived everyday through the eight building blocks.  Small class sizes, highly qualified teachers and a broad specialized support team ensure that students are treated as individuals and receive the orientation that each one needs to succeed academically and flourish as a person.  Our “No Bully Zone” stance ensures a caring and safe environment for students to learn, explore and make friends.

The development of the whole child—not just academic performance—is at the heart of what we do.  CGB offers an exclusive, high quality educational service that is unrivaled by any other school in Colombia.  A unique and challenging education for an evolving world!

Robert Tomalin