Colegio Gran Bretaña provides daily snacks and lunches for all students. The school aims to encourage healthy eating by providing a nutritionally balanced menu. A vegetarian menu is available. The daily menu is sent home at the start of each month. It is the policy of the school to encourage students to eat and try various foods. This is promoted by modelling and discussion rather than by imposition. Students are not encouraged to bring their own packed lunches to school. Students who wish to bring in their own packed lunch must have permission from their Head of Section. Parents will still need to pay the relevant school fees for the school food.

FS/KS1 children receive two morning snacks and lunch. The remainder of the students receive a morning snack and mid-day lunch.


To provide healthy, nutritious meals and snacks that promote maximum growth and development of everyone in the CGB community, both in body and in mind.

  • To serve nutritious freshly-cooked meals and snacks that are balanced, varied and tasty.
  • To provide food in line with the standards of “Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar”.
  • To maintain high standards of sanitation, safety and efficiency.
  • To use fresh and healthy ingredients in the preparation of the food.
  • To provide a menu that reflects the internationalism of the community of CGB.
  • To encourage students to experience new food.
  • To provide and promote a vegetarian menu choice, both to offer a wider variety of food and in the interest of sustainable development.
  • To cater for, where practically possible, specific dietary requirements (eg nut free)
  • To consider the environmental and social impact of the food at CGB
  • To promote good table manners
  • To promote a high level of respect between the kitchen staff and students
  • To educate all about importance of making good, healthy lifestyle choices