The Educational Achievement Department

The Educational Achievement Department (EAD) is under the leadership of the Head of Department working together with a team of educational specialists. The EAD offers its support services to students across a range of abilities, focusing on both the areas of strengths and difficulties.


The EAD is available to support students, teachers and parents. The department’s specialists offer academic support in co-taught classrooms or small group sessions, academic enrichment opportunities, teacher consultation for the effective implementation of required accommodations, beneficial strategies to support occupational/speech therapy goals and when needed, the design of an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Students served by the EAD include:

  • Students who have a learning disability diagnosis (ADD, ADHD, SLD, Other Health Impairment) and/or who come into CGB with an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) already in place for support with Speech/Language or Occupations goals/objectives.
  • Students who are identified by the classroom teacher as exhibiting significant academic challenges, in which case a full Psycho-Educational evaluation will be required to identify specific areas of need.
  • Students who are identified as High Achievers by their classroom teacher.
  • Students who are identified by the classroom teacher as not working to their full potential and require some additional in-class academic support to fill learning gaps.
  • Students who are receiving either Speech/Language or Occupational therapy externally, in which case coordination services are provided.