CGB embodies the definition of a community. CGB is a “No Bully Zone”. We live the philosophy and commitment of zero tolerance when it comes to bullying; a robust anti-bullying policy is stringently enforced. Our impressive success rate of restoring and mending temporarily damaged relationships is testament to our beliefs.

We care for ourselves and others. New parents and students are pleased to experience the warm and welcoming environment. Respect for each other, the broader community and the environment are central values. Through school-wide projects to promote sustainability and community service initiatives, students develop dispositions of empathy, service toward others, global citizenship and participation that will go beyond their school years.

The CGB family extends beyond the walls of our school. We work with and learn from students and adults in many other schools, including those in the UCB and Cazucá. At the heart of the IBDP lies the philosophy of Creativity, Action and Service. Although a requirement in the last two years of school, this pervades life at school. A pro-active Parent Teacher Association works in partnership with the school to support meeting the needs of our school community. The committees serve not only to provide leadership opportunities for students; but also endeavour to make our community the best it can be.