Amazon Camp! by Off Bound Adventures

It was obvious from the very start of the trip at El Dorado that organisation was going to be outstanding. Safety protocols were explained and followed by the OBA staff and CGB student and staff well-being was of paramount importance to Miguel Angel, Javier, Marianna and Doctor Esteban.


The meals were excellent when you consider that we were in the middle of the Amazon There was variety, quality and quantity. Fresh water was also constantly available, even during the 7 hour jungle trek.



Sleeping arrangements were well planned, comfortable, safe and set in spectacular locations. The kids were amazing, truly amazing. They were challenged constantly by the activities and will have learned that their potential is limitless because of this. The OBA staff were positive, encouraging and extremely professional in how they dealt with our kids.


Overall, a truly memorable experience led by outstanding staff who showed that their organisation led to the massive success of this trip!
Niall O´Kane

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